Arlo Guthrie

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Hosmer Hall at 7:30 pm

Adult: $50/$42/$35; Senior/Faculty/Staff: $47/$39/$32; Student: $25/$22/$15

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Arlo Guthrie was born in 1947 Brooklyn, New York with a guitar in one hand and a harmonica in the other. He is the eldest son of America’s most beloved singer/writer/philosopher, Woody Guthrie, and Martha Graham dancer Marjorie Mazia Guthrie. He has grown to become an American folk legend in his own right.

Having spent his young years surrounded by artists of the “Folk Boom” era, Arlo experienced the transition from early-generation ballad singers like Richard Dyer-Bennet and blues-men like Mississippi John Hurt, to a new era of singer-song writers like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. He grooved with the beat poets like Allen Ginsburg and Lord Buckley, and picked with players like Bill Monroe and Doc Watson. Throughout his career he learned something from everyone while developing his own style, becoming a distinctive, expressive storyteller in a crowded community of singer-songwriters and political-social commentators.

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